C To Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine


We are one of the leading organization occupied in providing brilliant quality C Channel Roll Forming Machine, which are producing by using high grade material.we designed a lots kinds of C & Z Channel roll forming machine. due to the high graded superiority and our client fulfilment,The product by C&Z purlin roll forming machine has many benefit such as beautiful and colourful outside, light weigh, long life durability. It was widely used in every corn world wide. we can develop special C Purlin Roll Forming Machine as per customer requirement.

  • D coiler 5 ton cap.
  • Punching press 20 tone 2 nos.
  • Entry Gate with
  • Roll Forming Line with 14 station , 7 Gear Boxes & 10 H.P. electrical.
  • Control Panel semi auto
  • Cutting Unit (Hydro.)

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum sheet width that can be formed : 350mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness in CRCA Strips that can be formed : 3 mm(M.S.)
  • Horizontal distance between shafts : 400mm
  • Number of forming stations : 14 nos
  • Vertical station : 12 nos
  • Total HP for Line : 16
  • Speed of the machine : 4mt/minit
  • Size of machine : 6300 x 1200 x 1000 mm

Mandrel Uncoiler

  • Coil weight : 10 MT Max
  • Coil width : 400 MM
  • Coil bore : 450 MM min, 510 MM max dia
  • Mandrel movement : Manually adjusted
  • Back Tension : Manually adjusted

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